The What, Why, and How of Norfolk Treasure Hunts

In this post I’ll answer the questions ‘What is a Norfolk Treasure Hunts treasure hunt?’, ‘Why do a treasure hunt?’, and ‘How do I purchase a treasure hunt?’. I hope you find it useful in understanding what we do, and why we love doing it.

What is a Norfolk Treasure Hunts treasure hunt?

An extract from a Norfolk Treasure Hunts treasure hunt

A Norfolk Treasure Hunts treasure hunt is a fun way for families to explore and learn more about a particular area of Norfolk. We have several treasure hunts scattered across the county.

Treasure hunters purchase a booklet containing directions to follow, and clues to solve, as they walk and explore a location. There’s an extract from one of our treasure hunts on the right to give you an idea of the format.

Most of our routes are 1-2 miles long, take about one-and-a-half hours to complete, and are aimed at ages 7-14 with occasional help from an adult.

If you complete the treasure hunt trail, and solve the final clue, not only do you win epic bragging rights but you can also enter our monthly prize draw. I pull a name from a hat on the last day of the month.

Why do a Norfolk Treasure Hunts treasure hunt?

We write treasure hunts because they’re a fun way for families to get out-and-about, explore our wonderful county, and spend some quality time together. We think treasure hunts are a great way:

1) to be more active. My children can spend hours in darkened rooms on their games consoles. I love video games as well but sometimes want be get everyone outside, in the fresh air, and be a bit more active as a family.

2) to learn about a place. If you’re visiting Norfolk for the day, staying here on holiday, or have lived here all your life you may want to know more about the place, it’s places of interest, and it’s history. Treasure hunts enable this and make it fun for the kids.

3) to do an affordable activity. I have three children. We love going to to the cinema, and the trampoline park, and laser tag but we can’t do it all the time as it’s far too expensive. Treasure hunts are a more affordable family activity and, particularly in those long school holidays, offer something a bit different.

How do I purchase a Norfolk Treasure Hunts treasure hunt?

There are three ways of purchasing a treasure hunt booklet:

1) Download. You can purchase a treasure hunt online, downloaded it to your computer, and printed it at home. You will see a download link on screen, and receive a download link in a confirmation email, immediately after checkout.

2) Print and Deliver. You can purchase a treasure hunt online and have it delivered to your door. Allow three working days for delivery.

3) Partners. You can purchase some treasure hunts locally from one of our partners. Just pop into the shop and and buy your booklet there.

All our treasure hunts can be purchased from our shop.