All You Need to Know About GoGoHares

There are just two weeks to go until the GoGoHares arrive in Norwich. In this post we’ll tell you all you need to know.

We’re all about getting out and exploring with the kids at Norfolk Treasure Hunts so GoGoHares is right up our street. This years event, which follows the hugely successful GoGoGorillas in 2013 and GoGoDragons in 2015, celebrates the 50th anniversary of charity Break.

What is it?

GoGoHaresGoGoHares is a charity art trail around Norwich. There will be 50 hare sculptures, one for each year of Break, dotted around the city for you to find. Each hare is designed by an artist and sponsored by a local business. You can also find an additional 18 moongazer hares scattered across the wider county.

GoGoCreate is another art trail that runs parallel to the main hares trail. There will be 164 leaping leverets (or young hares) designed by local schools and organisations in the GoGoCreate trail around Norwich.

When is it?

GoGoHares runs between 24th June and 8th September in Norwich and the wider county.

GoGoCreate runs between 2nd July and 2 September in Norwich.

You can find trail maps in tourist information centres, and download them  from the official website, from 18th June.

TW Gaze will auction off the 50 GoGoHare sculptures at a ticketed event on 11th October at The Forum.

Where can I find out more?

More information about GoGoHares can be found on the > event website <.

More information about Break and their wonderful work supporting families, young people, and children in need can be found at > <

We’ll see you on the trail 🙂